Let’s Go do rail like Houston!

Advocates for this November’s ‘road and rail’ Proposition 1 would like the electorate to believe the proposed light rail segment will achieve success similar to Houston’s stellar Red Line. Here are the top 3 reasons why they are wrong and why it matters.


Source: National Transit Database. “UPT” means unlinked passenger trip (i.e. boarding). Median values for a category in bold.

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10 bucks or 10,000 homes

A homestead exemption based on a fixed percent of home value is a regressive and ineffective affordability policy. It engenders a permanent loss of much-needed revenue for public investments. Spending directly on policies that promote abundant housing supply is an effective, progressive alternative. Said progressive alternative targets the actual problem: extraordinary assessment growth due to a lack of supply in desirable neighborhoods.

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Austin Identity

Municipal identification cards are a new service innovation that solve multiple problems. Several large cities successfully operate municipal ID card programs. In Austin, an ID program would use minimal resources and serve diverse constituencies.


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City Budget Realities

A new City budget is being debated. Here are five key points that help clarify the meaningful choices policymakers face.

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Better Billion

November’s urban rail and road package aims to “do something” as Austin clamors for transportation solutions. Sadly, as blog readers know, the proposal will not be effective at reducing congestion or promoting car-independence. It will, however, exhaust our reserves of political will and actual capital available for bold solutions. An alternative package is needed, one that will actually work. Below, I describe one possible set of ‘better billion’ investments.


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A day late and a few thousand riders short

Earlier today, Project Connect released a methodology memo (PDF version) providing an overview of their approach to estimating ridership.  The memo raises three major concerns, which I describe below.

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CodeNEXT Pitch

Yesterday, I joined an enthusiastic group of Auranauts and other solution-minded Austinites at a CodeNEXT community input session.  There were many great pro-reform speakers. Here’s the presentation I delivered.  Let’s turn to the main points of the presentation and some additional ideas generated from discussion with defenders of the status quo.

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